Dublin Comic Con

The Cosplay Builders Toolkit: Unlocking the Potential of 3D Printing

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of laughter, mishaps, and mind-boggling creations as Pa spills the beans on the highs, lows, and hilarious fails of 3D printing in cosplay. With a decade of experience, Pa will show you how 3D printing can turn you into a cosplay wizard or a hot mess in no time. Join a side-splitting journey through the highs, lows, and the occasional infernos of 3D printing in the world of cosplay. Discover how 3D printing can transform your cosplay dreams into reality, elevating your craftsmanship to superhero levels. From crafting jaw-dropping armor to creating intricate props. With practical advice for beginners and a live demonstration of 3d printed costumes and props, you’ll learn about the uses and limits of consumer grade 3d printers. Don’t miss out on this uproariously entertaining and educational talk that will leave you wondering if you’re a cosplayer or just a brave soul tempting fate with 3D printing! By pa_makes_stuff
August 13 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 1:00 pm (1h)

Geek Ireland Panel Room – Level 1

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