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Autographed Pokemon Hat (Adult) – Veronica Taylor – Delivery

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* * * Post-event autography delivery service for after the show, not for collection at the show * * *

Do you want to get an autograph off your favorite actor but can’t attend DCC?

No problem! We have got you covered! If you order an autograph from one of the guests attending DCC you can be assured it is 100% genuine!

What is included in the price?

  • EU Shipping via AnPost (outside of the the EU you may incur additional shipping costs which will be calculated prior to shipping your autograph)
  • Paypal/Payment processing fees
  • The autograph shipped in a hard-backed envelope with an authenticity sticker

Key points to note

  • Allow up to 4 weeks for processing
  • We do not allow picture selection at present due to too many variables
  • This is not a send-in service to get items signed
  • Last orders must be placed by the Thursday before the show
  • At present due to the volume of requests for specific guests, we are just taking generic autographs with no dedication unless stated otherwise in the ‘add on’ section

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