Dublin Comic Con

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Summer Edition 2023

Guest autographs and photoshoots cost extra can be purchased from our main ticketing page.

You can upgrade your ticket at any time using various options available from our add-on panel.

Missed out on a ticket or can’t afford it at the moment? No problem, with our new ticketing partner, Tixr, you have access

to a payment plan option aswell as waitlist option that pre authorizes you to purchase the next available ticket incase of a cancellation!

Show times are

Saturday – 9.30am (early entry) / 11am (general entry) to 6pm

Sunday – 9.30am (early entry) / 11am (general entry) to 5pm

Pokemon TCG Constructed Tournament

  Pokemon TCG Event: Constructed Tournament Price: €10 Start Time: 12:30   Constructed format using your own standard tournament legal decks. Games will be best of 3, Swiss Pairing. Each Round will be up to 50 minutes. Players will receive a pack for every round they win.

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